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i dont know what you just said
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my computer is fix and insurance payed for it! I'm so happy =)

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Current Music: something japanese

I broke my computer *tear* now i have to use my brothers when he's not home (shhhhh don't tell him cos he'll hurt me) without my computer i found i have too much free time, what did i do with all this time, before when i didn't have a computer, I wonder! Arrrr *goes crazy*

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Current Music: Tsunami Bomb

Yes i got the telemarketing job...

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Current Music: ZIGZO

This time it's for a job in telemarketing! i know  sounds like fun hay =P and they provide training, what ever i don't care what the job is as long as they pay me the moneys i'll be happy =)

Oh and i gained a 4th brother (like i needed another one) Waynes friend "Mikky", or thats what they call him, is homeless so we took him in (yes someone else i can beat up)

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Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Zeppet Store

I have an interview tomorrow for a job! Yes a "job" a real "job" and if all goes "well" i will be able to conform and finally be like everyone else, a slave to the system GREAT

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Current Music: Nonpoint

yes this is boredom, im soooooooooooooo very bored! im sitting here at IPA doing nothing, there ment to be helping me get a job god dammit arrrrrrrrr there is nothing to do! why am i so bored, somebody please save me from this boredom...  

I understand now that you were just using me. NO maybe i knew all along. I wonder did you even care, i guess not. But why would you treat me this way, why would you hurt me? the answer i will never know...it haunts me. What are you thinking? Are you as lonely as i am? I hope so.

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